About Us

A Message from Our CEO

Fujifilm, once a Company whose core business was photographic film, has diversified and strengthened its portfolio based on developing or acquiring proprietary technologies as well as a deeply held corporate philosophy of enhancing the quality of human lives worldwide. One key area of focus for the Company is Healthcare, and Fujifilm acquired Cellular Dynamics International in May 2015, renamed it to FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc.(FCDI) in 2018 to drive innovation in this business area. We see great potential in FCDI as a key component in our mission to be the global leader in regenerative medicine and drug discovery through cutting-edge science and technology.

To date FCDI has already achieved leadership in the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) field as one of the only companies in the world to industrially manufacture human cells derived from iPSCs with high quality, purity, and reproducibility and in virtually unlimited quantities. Not only have we achieved this across multiple healthy and diseased donors for the research market but also, we have begun to manufacture human cells under cGMP conditions – a requirement as these human cellular products move from a tool used in drug discovery into a therapy used in regenerative medicine applications.

We see great potential in FCDI and the synergies created with the other companies in Fujifilm’s Healthcare business area to achieve these goals:

  • FCDI will serve patients worldwide by driving innovations in the use of iPSC technologies in drug discovery.
  • Already the use of human iPSC-derived cells as a replacement for animal, immortalized, or cadaveric cells has begun to revolutionize the drug discovery industry as researchers look to better understand human disease and predict human response. FCDI aims to enable researchers to increase the drug discovery success rate, speed the introduction of new drugs, establish effective efficacy and safety assessment systems, and optimize total drug development costs from target identification to clinical test phases. In such a way, we also aim to aid in repurposing existing drugs to bring greater efficiencies in social welfare budgets around the world.
  • FCDI will serve patients worldwide by driving innovations in the use of iPSC technologies in regenerative medicine.
  • FCDI has already industrialized the production of human cells under the extremely high standards and has developed cGMP conditions required for regenerative medicine applications. Indeed the US National Institutes of Health has selected FCDI as the partner of choice to engage in manufacturing human iPSC-derived retinal cells from patients with macular degeneration, with the end goal of eventually transplanting healthy iPSC-derived retinal cells back into the original patient to improve vision. Across multiple donors we have ensured the manufacture of high quality, highly pure and reproducible iPSCs and RPEs, which will launch fully-personalized iPSC-derived cell therapy.

Takeshi Yamamoto
Chairman and CEO
FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc.