About Us

Vision, Mission & Values


We strive to be the global leader for driving innovations in regenerative medicine and drug discovery, using cutting-edge science and technology to improve the quality of life.


We serve patients by transforming life science and biotechnology innovations into products and services supporting regenerative medicine and drug discovery at the highest quality, at reasonable cost, and with the right delivery.


  • Ownership: We work passionately and responsibly to deliver the best solutions to patients and customers.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovation that improves the quality of life. We respect freedom of ideas and combine both internal and external technology and expertise from around the world to positively impact life.
  • Communications: We welcome diverse opinions and adverse views presented in a constructive manner. We strive to openly, fairly, and clearly communicate the rationale for our decisions.
  • Trust: We believe in trusting people internally and externally to quickly deliver solutions to complex system issues. Trust is enhanced by initiative and quality results.
  • Success: We value success achieved under high ethical standards and environmental consciousness over success gained at the expense of others. We strive to be responsive to changes in technology and science impacting the needs of patients and customers.