Increased Predictivity in Toxicity Testing

The assessment of new pharmaceuticals and chemicals is a complex process that incorporates information from in silico analyses, in vitro studies, and animal testing. Several recent events have led to an increased need for validated, physiologically relevant, and predictive human in vitro models:

  • High attrition rate of new drugs in development
  • Withdrawal of marketed drugs due to toxicity
  • Increased focus on animal welfare issues due to legislative changes

iCell® and MyCell® Products offer a novel approach to in vitro safety testing that overcomes many limitations of existing models. Benefits include:

  • Biologically relevant human cell models
  • Highly reproducible to ensure confidence in results
  • Consistent availability to eliminate the need for repeat sourcing and validation

The importance of iCell and MyCell products to the future of safety assessment is best evidenced by a proposed new regulatory paradigm to validate and standardize the use of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes in in vitro assays for predicting cardiac arrhythmia.

Browse the growing list of publications that demonstrate the use of iCell products for interrogating mechanisms of toxicity and improving predictivity.

3D Spheroid Cell Culture

3D spheroid culture of iCell Hepatocytes 2.0 for enhanced functional maturity and prolonged culturability.

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3D Spheroid Cell Culture

Discovery, Regenerative Medicine, Toxicity

Moving beyond traditional static-plated culture yields a more liver-like environment for hepatocyte assays and generates more predictive biology in vitro. The combination of iPSC technology with advanced culture techniques offers advantages over existing models.  Conditions developed allow for a tunable spheroid size with maintenance of viability and put the control over engineered tissue in the hands of the user. This novel workflow allows for the generation of iCell® Hepatocytes 2.0 microtissues in low-attachment plates.

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