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Wanted: Your Presentation or Paper. Reward: Free Cells!

Wanted: Your Paper / Presentation. Reward: FREE Cells! Tell us about your peer-reviewed paper, scientific talk, or poster presentation that describes work with iCell or MyCell products. You could be eligible for free cells to further your research.


Wanted: Your Presentation/Paper. Reward: Free Cells!
Digital Media
iPSC-cardiomyocytes Webinar Registration

Investigative In Vitro Drug Toxicology with Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes (July 22). Learn tactics and platforms for using human, biologically relevant iCell Cardiomyocytes to fuel toxicology studies.


CDI in the News

Stem Cell Tools: Aiding a Revolution. Read perspectives on working with stem cell technologies from Cellular Dynamics and other industry leaders.


iCell Hepatocytes

Renewing Science: Recently Released Products for Stem Cell Research. Read how iCell Hepatocytes and other newly available culture systems, cells, and antibodies may help simplify stem cell isolation, expansion, and maintenance.


Upcoming Events
iCell Hepatocytes

iForum™ 2015 (Sep 14 - 16, Chicago, USA | Oct 19, Hamburg, Germany). Attend the premier iPS cell meeting and hear key opinion leaders detail their research via interactive, data-driven presentations in these interest areas:

 Disease modeling
 Regenerative medicine
 Tissue engineering


Transfectin of iCell Neurons

Utilizing Transfection Methods with iCell Neural Products. Discover how to use transfection reagents to regulate target genes for drug discovery research and target- and phenotypic-based screens:

 iCell Neural Products Application Note: Applying Transfection Technologies to Create Novel Screening Models


 iCell Neurons Application Protocol: Using Liposome-mediated Transfection for Gene Delivery


 iCell DopaNeurons Application Protocol: Using Liposome-mediated Transfection for Gene Delivery



Modeling Alzheimer's Disease. Learn more in this poster presented at EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration:

 Characterization of an Isogenic Disease Model of Alzheimer’s Disease from Human iPS Cell-derived Neurons


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