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CDI Notebook - April 2016
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Trending: Now Available: Approximately 700 IPS Cell Lines

Now Available! ∼700 iPS Cell Lines. Take advantage of normal and disease backgrounds, including liver diseases and cardiomyopathies, relevant for your research. Assay-ready differentiated cells from these lines can be ordered from CDI via a partnership with repository curators CIRM and the Coriell Institute.


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Digital Media
Digital Media: 60 Second Customer Stories

60 Second Customer Stories. Learn how human iPSC-derived tissues are enabling discovery in a variety of research areas in a series of 1 minute videos.


CDI in the News
CDI in the News: Regenerative Medicine Comes of Age

Regenerative Medicine Comes of Age. Read about promising stem cell-based therapies from regenerative medicine pioneers and how CDI can aid therapeutics initiatives.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Event: Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms

Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms (Jun 5 - 10 , New London, NH). Join us at the following presentation during this Gordon Research Conference:

 Making Better Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes (Jun 5 | 9:10 pm)


Upcoming Event: iForum 2016

iForum™ 2016 (Sep 12 - 14, Philadelphia & Oct 11, Paris) Register today for this premier stem cell meeting where you will hear key opinion leaders discuss their latest findings. Featured topics will include disease modeling, drug discovery, predictive toxicology, complex models, and regenerative medicine.


Application: Measuring Cardiac Activity

Measuring Cardiac Activity: Intracellular Calcium Flux Detection with FDSS/μCELL. Perform high-throughput, in vitro assays for compound efficacy and toxicity using iCell Cardiomyoctyes2 with the Hamamatsu Functional Drug Screening System (FDSS/µCELL).


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