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Trending: Easier Access to Relevant Disease Models!

Easier Access to Relevant Disease Models! Take advantage of CDI's new online query tool to select, as well as get a quotation for differentiated cells, from hundreds of diseased and healthy donor backgrounds in the CIRM, CureCMD, and other iPSC repositories.


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Digital Media
Digital Media: Refining Toxicity Testing through Advances in Human iPSC Technology

Refining Toxicity Testing through Advances in Human iPSC Technology. Discover how iCell tissues can detect neuro-, cardio-, and hepatotoxic effects via data-focused presentations from these iPSC industry experts: William Proctor, PhD, DABT, Genentech; Andrew Bruening-Wright, PhD, Charles River Laboratories; Brad Swanson, PhD, Cellular Dynamics International


CDI in the News
CDI in the News: Cellular Dynamics and NEI Establish a CRADA

Cellular Dynamics and the National Eye Institute Establish a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement. Learn how the NEI is teaming with CDI to advance iPSC-based transplantation therapies for ocular diseases.


CDI in the News: From Photo Lens to Petri Dish

From Photo Lens to Petri Dish. Read how iPSCs are enabling disease modeling, drug discovery, tissue generation, and other research in a Q&A article featuring Chris Parker, CDI’s Chief Business Officer.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Event: iForum 2016 Meeting

iForum 2016 Meeting (Sep 12 - 14, Philadelphia | Oct 11, Paris). Check out the lineup of presenters and then register today to join the conversation on how implementing differentiated iPSCs in experimental designs facilitates discovery.

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Application: 3D Culture of Human iPSC-derived Cell Types for Toxicity Testing

3D Culture of Human iPSC-derived Cell Types for Toxicity Testing. Explore 3-dimensional culture systems for iCell Cardiomyocytes and iCell Hepatocytes and their impact on functionality and toxicity studies in this poster presented at ACTC 2016.


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