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Trending: iCell & MyCell Fueled Research Presented at SOT 2017

iCell and MyCell Fueled Research Presented at SOT 2017! ​Check out the podium, workshop, and poster presentations – many of which are available for download – to ascertain the essential role that these biologically appropriate, iPSC-derived cells are playing in toxicity-directed experimental designs.


Digital Media
Digital Medium: Customer Story - Dr. Alec Smith, University of Washington

Customer Story. Discover why Alec Smith, PhD, University of Washington, relies on iCell and MyCell products in his research focused on improving predictivity of preclinical drug screening.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Event: Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium

Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium: Engineering Cells and Tissues for Discovery and Therapy (Apr 19 | Madison, WI). Hear about genetic and epigenomic engineering of human cells, as well as patterning multicellular constructs into organoids and tissues for disease modeling, therapeutics development, and more.


Upcoming Event: ELRIG 2017

ELRIG: Advances in Cell Based Screening 2017 (May 10 - 11 | Gothenburg, Sweden). Explore how high-content imaging and phenotypic screening enable successful identification of early hits, optimization of lead candidates, and advancement of new therapeutics.


Application: Measuring Cardiac Activity

Measuring Cardiac Activity: Impedance and Extracellular Field Potential Detection. Learn how to handle iCell Cardiomyocytes2 for use on a CardioExcyte 96 system (Nanion) and to perform compound treatments, data acquisition, and data analysis.


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