Cellular Dynamics: Human Cells. Endless Possibilities from Discovery to Regenerative Medicine.
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Trending: Customer Notification

CDI Customer Notification. Review the changes CDI is making to product names, catalog numbers, and unit sizes to support an ever-expanding product offering, which includes the development of cell types derived from alternative donors.


Digital Media
Digital Medium: GlutaNeurons Cartoon

​Excited about iCell GlutaNeurons? Learn about these human iPSC-derived cortical glutamatergic neurons that form spontaneous networks and exhibit synchronous behavior in a dish.


CDI in the News
CDI in the News: Bioinformant Articles

Part 1: Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Tissues – Present & Future Outlook
Part 2: Emerging Applications for Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Tissues
Check out how CDI has enabled the usage of iPSC-derived cells in a breadth of applications.

PART 1 >> | PART 2 >>

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events: iForum Boston & iForum London

iForum Boston (Sep 21 | Harvard Medical School)
iForum London (Sep 28 | Imperial College London)
Hurry! Time is running out to reserve your seat and attend a FREE iPSC-focused conference hosted by CDI.


Upcoming Event: Cardio Symposium

Cardio Symposium (Sep 23 | Berlin, Germany). See how iCell Cardiomyocytes are fueling toxicity studies.


Upcoming Event: SPS 2017

Safety Pharmacology Society Meeting (Sep 24 - 27 | Berlin, Germany). Visit our Booth 203, Exhibitor Tutorial (Sep 26, 7:00 am), Joint Workshop (Sep 25, 6:00 pm), Continuing Education Course (Sep 24, 2:00 pm), and Posters 0099 and 0100.

Click the link below for details on late-breaking presentations.

CDI @ SPS >>

Upcoming Event: ELRIG Drug Discovery

ELRIG Drug Discovery (Oct 3 - 4 | Liverpool, United Kingdom). Hear about innovative approaches to overcome drug development challenges and future opportunities for novel therapeutic discovery from industry leaders.


Upcoming Event: Drug Discovery USA Congress

Drug Discovery USA Congress (Oct 9 - 10 | San Diego, CA). Select from 40+ presentations and case studies focused on novel strategies and technologies for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry at this 4th annual meeting.


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