Ordering CIRM iPSC Lines

Please complete the form below to initiate the purchase process for CIRM cell lines. Due to licensing requirements related to iPSC technology, additional documentation and fees may apply.


The pricing for all iPSC lines in the CIRM iPSC Repository is:

  • $750 for academic and non-profit organizations
  • $1500 for commercial entities.
  • $125 flat-fee shipping for all CIRM iPSC orders in North America


To Order CIRM iPSC Lines:

  1. Search the CIRM iPSC Repository to identify lines of interest.
  2. Add items to the cart on the CIRM search page.
  3. Selected items will be automatically added to the order form below.
  4. Your selections will be retained in this form, and you may return to the CIRM search tool and choose additional lines without losing your earlier selections. You may also enter product ID numbers (CW numbers) manually in the form if desired.
  5. After you have selected all desired lines, complete and submit the form below to initiate the purchase process.
  6. Download the Material Transfer Agreement, complete, sign and return to fcdi-ordersupport@fujifilm.com.