We Manufacture Human Cells


We can’t state it more simply: We manufacture human cells from induced pluripotent stem cells. Our highly pure iCell® and MyCell® products are consistent and reproducible from lot-to-lot, enabling you to focus on the biology . . . and what drives your research.

True Human Biology.

Why use an animal or immortalized cell model as a proxy when a true human model, consistent across lots, is available? If you have a phenotype of interest, we can make iPSCs and terminal cells from your donors.

Highly Characterized. Highly Predictive.

Our cells have the appropriate gene and protein expression and the expected physiological response of the target cell type, with numerous peer-reviewed publications detailing their characterization and predictivity of human response.

MORE Cells.

CDI provides more cells than other providers: 96-well capacity per vial. GUARANTEED.

See how iCell and MyCell products enable research in the videos, peer-reviewed publications, and literature below:

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iCell Community

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