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iCell Microglia treated with 5 µM
thiazovivin develop a ramified.

Microglia are innate immune cells of the central nervous system that perform critical roles in brain development, homeostasis, and immune regulation. iCell® Microglia are human iPSC-derived cells differentiated using protocols exclusively licensed from UC Irvine (Blurton-Jones laboratory; Abud et al., 2017).


Advantages of iCell Microglia

iCell Microglia phagocytose
pHrodo-labeled Aβ fibrils.

  • Reproducible results: High purity (>90% P2RY12+/IBA+/ TREM2+/CX3CR1+) and rigorous quality control ensure the same performance with every batch.
  • Human relevance: More accurately model neurological disease with human microglia.
  • Rapid results: Complete more experiments in less time with ready-to-use cells.

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