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Pacing iCell Cardiomyocytes

axion logo 2Foreseeing drug-induced arrhythmia is a critical component of drug development and the FDA is seeking to increase the predictivity of pre-clinical testing strategies via the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CIPA) initiative.

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Figure 1: iCell Cardiomyocytes and MEA recordings bridge the gap between action potential recordings from single cardiomyocytes and EKG recordings from native tissue.

Research using iCell® Cardiomyocytes and MEA recordings is part of the CIPA initiative as they have proven to be a predictive and economical system for detecting drug-induced arrhythmia. However, while predictive, the interplay of complex electrophysiological interactions of spontaneously beating cardiomyocytes introduces some difficulties for particular mechanistic interpretations. These difficulties can be addressed using AxIS 2.0 Software (Axion Biosystems). This software allows experimental control of cardiomyocyte beat rate, separation of complex effects, and richer interpretation of the data.

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Figure 2: iCell Cardiomyocytes are rapidly entrained by AxIS 2.0 Software with minimal interference of the biological response.


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Figure 3: Pacing iCell Cardiomyocytes enables complex findings, including the reverse use-dependence of candidate compounds.