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Cellular Dynamics Products

Following its mission to provide access to biologically relevant and predictive human biology, CDI has developed and launched two powerful lines of human iPS cell-derived products:

  • iCell® products: Terminally differentiated cells representing “typical” human biology
  • MyCell® Products: Customizable cells (including iPS cells and terminally differentiated cells) manufactured from researcher-provided samples, often from donors representing specific disease states

CDI’s iCell product portfolio includes human cells of the cardiac (heart), neural (brain and nervous system cells including glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons, astrocytes and motor neurons), retinal cellshepatic (liver), musculoskeletal (muscle, bone), and hematopoietic (blood) lineages.

Our MyCell Products are a direct result of CDI’s expertise in human iPS cell reprogramming, genetic engineering, and differentiation and include off-the-shelf MyCell Disease and Diversity Products as well as differentiated cells derived from researcher-provided samples.

Both iCell and MyCell products overcome many of the limitations of existing cell models, including lack of relevant human biology, low reproducibility, and limited availability. Benefits of iCell and MyCell products include:

  • Human background: Cells exhibit expected human characteristics and functions
  • Highly pure and reproducible: Cells are highly pure, enabling biologically relevant and reproducible experimental results
  • Industrial scale: Cells are available in industrial-scale quantities, enabling high-throughput testing applications
  • Easy to implement: Cells are shipped cryopreserved; simply thaw and use

The New Gold Standard

CDI’s products are being rapidly adopted by scientists in government and academic research institutes, biopharmaceutical companies, and non-profit disease foundations. With CDI’s iPS cell-derived products cited in over 50 peer-reviewed publications, iCell  products have been shown to enable applications in:

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