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Example Case Studies for Neurotox

Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Professor Eileen Dolan (University of Chicago) has published extensively on using iCell GABANeurons as a predictive tool for identifying peripheral neuropathies. See the summary of peer-reviewed publications describing modeling and predictive toxicology for CiPN.

SPS 2017 Presentations

Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Exhibitor Tutorial: Human-based Seizurogenic Assays: Using iPSC-derived Glutamatergic Neurons to Assess Drug-induced Changes in Network Activity

Cyprotex – an Evotec Company and Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics

Abstract: iCell GlutaNeurons are iPSC-derived human excitatory neurons that form spontaneously bursting networks modulated by pro-convulsant and neuroactive molecules, thus adding a new dimension to the toxicologist’s toolbox. This workshop will illustrate the attributes of these neurons, provide case studies highlighting their use, and illustrate potential analyses for pro-seizurogenic investigations.

Oral Communication: Multiparametric Assessment of Networked Electrical Activity Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Glutamatergic Neurons


KH Kim, C Carlson, C Kannemeier, TK Feaster, B Swanson, D Schlesinger, B Anson, and K Mangan

Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics

Poster Presentations: