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Test Drive the Nanion CardioExcyte 96 with iCell Tissue-specific Cells

Try out the 96-well, high-resolution, high-throughput, impedance and EFP platform from Nanion for up to a year.

Nanion CardioExcyte 96

Nanion CardioExcyte 96:
The 96-well impedance instrument supports high-throughput toxicity, adherence, and proliferation assays on your benchtop.

Now is your opportunity to access the Nanion CardioExcyte 96 in your lab and accelerate your toxicity testing, safety pharmacology, and drug discovery programs. The CardioExcyte 96 utilizes non-invasive impedance and field potential measurements to record electrical events, contractile activity, and cell coverage from adherent cell layers to bring high-throughput investigations to cardiomyocyte function, cell migration/proliferation, and toxicity assays. It is a fully automated instrument, recording 96 wells in parallel. With embedded electronics and a sophisticated sensor technology integrated in the well-plate, CardioExcyte 96 is a turn-key system for efficient impedance measurements. The CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System enables:

Grab this Offer Before it Drives Away

To qualify for this offer, simply commit to the purchase of 50 vials of eligible iCell products over a 12 month period and receive:

  • Use of the Nanion CardioExcyte 96 instrument
  • CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System
  • 5 free Nanion CardioExcyte 96 plates to get you started

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