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iCell® Cardiac Progenitor Cells

Cutting-edge Cardiac Maintenance and Regeneration Tools

Cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) are able to proliferate and have the capacity to differentiate into mature cardiomyocytes. Thus, these cells are attractive targets in drug development applications for regenerative medicine programs focused on developing myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure treatments. They are also ideal for identifying and helping to avoid drug-mediated cardiac developmental toxicity problems across multiple programs, an application for which scientists require consistent and dependable access to human CPCs.

Derived from human iPS cells, CDI’s iCell® Cardiac Progenitor Cells provide a robust, reproducible, and relevant source of cells to advance drug development and cardiac regenerative medicine programs. Benefits include:

  • KDR+/PDGFR-α+/c-kit human CPC marker profile
  • bFGF-mediated proliferation
  • Wnt inhibitor-mediated differentiation into cTNT+ cardiomyocytes
  • High-throughput target and phenotypic-based screen compatibility