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iCell® Endothelial Cells

A New Paradigm for Organ Maintenance and Regeneration

Endothelial cells are highly dynamic cells that form the inner lining of blood vessels. In addition to their structural role, endothelial cells regulate the passage of substances between the bloodstream and surrounding tissue. They also secrete mediators that influence vascular hemodynamics, inflammation, cell trafficking, and the remodeling and formation of new blood vessels. Endothelial cell dysfunction is associated with a variety of diseases including atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and inflammatory disorders.

Derived from human iPS cells, CDI’s iCell® Endothelial Cells provide a reliable, reproducible, and physiologically relevant source of cells for vascular disease modeling, drug screening, and vascular tissue engineering applications. Benefits include:

  • >90% CD31+/CD105+ populations across lots and multiple passages
  • VEGF-mediated proliferation, sprouting, migration, and invasion
  • TNFα-mediated upregulation of adhesion molecules
  • Thrombin-sensitive barrier function
  • Acetylated LDL uptake
  • Shear stress-induced alignment
  • 2D and 3D capillary-like network formation

Broad Function and Application

Assayed as a pure culture or in co-culture with other differentiated cell types to recapitulate native tissue architecture, iCell Endothelial Cells enable a variety of novel applications:

  • Vascular tissue engineering: Decellularized organs
    Amenable to decellularized organ (e.g. kidney) scaffold approaches (Caralt et al., 2015)
  • Vascular tissue engineering: Natural matrices and bioengineering scaffolds
    Compatible with natural matrix approaches as well as microfluidic device and bioreactor system cultures (Bischel et al. 2014; Belair et al., 2014)
  • Angiogenesis and wound healing
    Providing relevant biology for the study of blood vessel formation and remodeling relevant to cancer, chronic inflammatory, and degenerative diseases
  • Infectious disease studies
    Serving as a novel human in vitro model for the study of bacterial and viral infections
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    R1022 iCell Endothelial Cells Kit, 01434

    Each kit contains:

    • Cryopreserved iCell Endothelial Cells
    • 50 ml iCell Endothelial Cells Medium Supplement
      To ensure high growth and purity, it is imperative to combine VascuLife VEGF Medium and iCell Endothelial Cells Medium Supplement to produce an optimized Maintenance Medium. Order the VascuLife VEFG Medium from LifeLine Cell Technologies (Cat. # LL-0003).
    ≥1 x 106
    Viable Cells/Vial
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    M1019 iCell Endothelial Cells Medium Supplement

    Endothelial cells medium supplement, serum-based

    50 ml (1X) $150
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