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iCell® Macrophages

The “Big Eaters” of the Immune System

Macrophages are white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign particles, and cancer cells and produce inflammatory mediators that regulate the immune response. Macrophages reside throughout the human body, taking different forms in different tissues (e.g. microglia in the brain and Kupffer cells in the liver).

CDI’s iCell® Macrophages are human iPS cell-derived macrophages. They provide a simple, reproducible, and biologically relevant source of macrophages to model and interrogate host defense and immunity, as well as pathogenesis of inflammatory and degenerative disease. Benefits include:

  • >90% pure population of human CD68+ macrophages
  • Characteristic macrophage morphology
  • Endotoxin (LPS)-mediated secretion of
    cytokines (IL-6, TNFα)
  • Phagocytosis of albumin and zymosan bacterial particles
  • Industrial quantities in a cryopreserved format

Model Disease, Interrogate Biology, Develop Therapies

Assayed as a pure culture of macrophages or a co-culture with CDI’s other cell types, iCell Macrophages provide access to relevant human biology that can be used to conduct:

  • Immune and inflammatory response assays
  • Infectious disease modeling
  • Toxicity testing