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iCell® Skeletal Myoblasts

An Ideal Model for Skeletal Muscle Disease Research

Skeletal muscle fibers are comprised of myocytes – long, tubular, multinuclear cells that develop through the fusion of multiple progenitor mononuclear myoblast cells. A consistent, reproducible source of skeletal myoblasts is necessary to fuel basic research and clinical development programs for neuromuscular and muscular disorders, muscle wasting conditions, metabolic diseases, and drug-mediated muscle toxicities.

CDI’s iCell® Skeletal Myoblasts are human iPS cell-derived skeletal myoblast cells that fuse and differentiate into myotubes after thawing and plating. iCell Skeletal Myoblasts express molecular markers and exhibit functional responses similar to those of human primary skeletal myoblasts without the encumbrance of complicated culture techniques or the inherent variability in primary cell preparations. iCell Skeletal Myoblasts also offer:

  • Pure population of TNT+/MYH7+/myogenin+ cells
  • Ability to fuse and form multinuclear myotubes
  • Spontaneous electrical-mediated contractions (“twitches”)
  • Dose-dependent IGF-1 and myostatin-induced Akt phosphorylation

A Superior Model System

iCell Skeletal Myoblasts provide significant advantages over existing primary human and rodent models of skeletal muscle biology, powering new insights into:

  • Muscular dystrophies and congenital myopathies
  • Metabolic and toxic myopathies
  • Neurogenic atrophy
  • Sarcopenia
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    • Cryopreserved iCell Skeletal Myoblasts
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