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Human Neurons + Proven Applications = Accurate Prediction

Accurately detecting central and peripheral nervous system toxicities has never been easier or more predictive!

The iCell® neural portfolio, generated from human iPS cells, has demonstrated utility with easy-to-use applications and translatable results. Whether you need to answer functional, structural, or basic mechanistic questions regarding central and peripheral neurotoxicities, there is a relevant iCell neural cell type and protocol at your fingertips.


The iCell Neural Portfolio

iCell GABANeurons iCell DopaNeurons iCell Astrocytes iCell GlutaNeurons
iCell GABANeurons DopaNeurons iCell Astrocytes iCell GlutaNeurons

Need Proof of Their Utility?

Compete the form and access the published case studies and presentations:

  • Peer-reviewed publications: Professor Eileen Dolan (University of Chicago) has published extensively on using iCell GABANeurons as a predictive tool for identifying peripheral neuropathies.
  • Safety Pharmacology Society 2017 Meeting presentations: iCell GlutaNeurons, alone or with other neural subtypes, provide an excitatory neural model for studying seizurogenesis and other alterations in electrical excitability.

Experience the iCell Advantage First Hand!

  • New customers1: First time users can receive a free sample vialof iCell GABANeurons (R1013), iCell GlutaNeurons (R1034), or iCell DopaNeurons2 (R1032). iCell Astrocytes (R1092) can be purchased at half price to accompany the sample vial.
  • Current customers: Receive 15% off3 of iCell GABANeurons (R1013), iCell GlutaNeurons (R1034), or iCell DopaNeurons2 (R1032), or iCell Astrocytes (R1092).
  1. Defined as new account or research group, not individual customer.
  2. If selecting iCell DopaNeurons, applicant must sign Terms and Conditions and complete the Letter of Acknowledgement with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, both of which are provided by Cellular Dynamics.
  3. New customers: Limit 1 free sample vial of neuronal cells and 1 vial of iCell Astrocytes at half price. Current customers: Limit 5 vials.

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