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We appreciate your interest in iCell and MyCell neural products, which provide functional human cellular systems for neurological research.

Download NowAD/PD 2015 Meeting Poster:
Characterization of an Isogenic Disease Model of Alzheimer’s Disease from Human iPS Cell-derived Neurons

Isogenic Alzheimer’s disease models were created using genome-edited human iPSC lines. Cortical neurons derived from these lines show disease-specific phenotypes at both the biochemical and electrophysiological levels.

Download NowBiophysical Society 2015 Meeting Poster:
Modeling Neurological Disease with Human iPS Cell-derived Neurons Containing a KCNT1 Mutation

iPSC-derived neurons carrying the familial epilepsy mutation KCNT1 P924L show a gain-of-function autosomal dominant phenotype providing a model-in-a-dish for studying this disease.