CDI Customer Stories

FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Begins Operations for Advanced Cell Therapies at its New Facility

FUJIFILM Celluar Dynamics, i-FACT

Grand Opening of the FCDI i-FACT Facility in Madison, WI

FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, i-FACT

Using iCell DopaNeurons in Parkinson’s Disease Research

Cellular Dynamics, a FUJIFILM company

Development of Therapeutic Approaches for the Treatment of AMD

Kapil Bharti, PhD, National Eye Institute, NIH

Using iCell GlutaNeurons for Safety Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Cellular Dynamics, a FUJIFILM company

Development of a Cell-based Therapeutic Heart Patch for the Treatment of Heart Failure

Jordan Lancaster, University of Arizona

Screening for Arhythmogenicity of Drug Compounds via Live Imaging of iCell Cardiomyocytes

Ross Whittaker, PhD, Vala Sciences

Investigating Three Dimensional Culture of iCell Hepatocytes for Regenerative Medicine Applications

Jason Wertheim, MD, Northwestern University

Patterned Co-culture of iCell Hepatocytes for Drug Toxicology and De-risking Drug Development

Salman Khetani, Colorado State University

Investigating VZV Infectivity and Latency in Human iPSC-derived Neurons

Jacqueline Bowlin, University of Colorado, Denver