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March 2015

Berger DR, Ware BR, Davidson MD, Allsup SR, and Khetani SR

Enhancing the Functional Maturity of iPSC-derived Human Hepatocytes via Controlled Presentation of Cell-Cell Interactions In Vitro

Hepatology 61(4):1370-81

Publication Date: March 25, 2015

Product Type: iCell Hepatocytes


iCell Hepatocytes were cultured in micropatterned islands and co-cultured with mouse fibroblasts to achieve more functionally mature phenotypes including CYP450s (basal and induced), maturity markers (gene expression), and toxin sensitivity.


This research highlights the application of iCell Hepatocytes in more complex (organotypic) culture environments and suggests that appropriate culture conditions and signaling mechanisms lead to more mature iCell Hepatocytes.

November 2014

Mann DA

Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Hepatocytes for Toxicology Testing

Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol 11(1):1-5

Publication Date: November 11, 2014

Product Type: iCell Hepatocytes


This editorial describes the current utility of iPSC-derived hepatocytes in toxicological tests, suggesting the shortcomings of stem cell hepatocytes can be overcome by application in organotypic culture models to generate more predictive in vitro assays.


iCell Hepatocytes are compatible with and being employed in organotypic culture models. The combination of stem cell-derived hepatocytes and organotypic systems will synergize to generate highly predictive in vitro models.