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January 2013

Gill JK, Chatzidaki A, Ursu D, Sher E, and Millar NS

Contrasting Properties of α7-Selective Orthosteric and Allosteric Agonists Examined on Native Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

PLoS One 8(1):e55047

Publication Date: January 29, 2013

Product Type: iCell GABANeurons


iCell Neurons were used to evaluate the potential use of three pharmacologically distinct α7-selective nicotinic ligands (an orthosteric agonist, a positive allosteric modulator, and a nondesensitizing allosteric agonist) for the characterization of native nAChRs.


iCell Neurons were shown to be a relevant human model to identify and characterize ligands that are specific for particular receptor subtypes implicated in neurological and psychiatric disorders. The identification of such reagents will accelerate academic research and pharmaceutical drug discovery.