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January 2012

Babiarz JE, Ravon M, Sridhar S, Ravindran P, Swanson B, Bitter H, Weiser T, Chiao E, Certa U, and Kolaja KL

Determination of the Human Cardiomyocyte mRNA and miRNA Differentiation Network by Fine-scale Profiling

Stem Cells Dev 21(11):1956-65

Publication Date: January 4, 2012

Product Type: iCell Cardiomyocytes


iCell Cardiomyocytes mRNA and miRNA transcriptomes were analyzed at various time-points during and post-differentiation and compared to primary cardiac tissue biopsied from human fetal, adult normal and hypertensive hearts.


This study demonstrated that iCell Cardiomyocytes exhibit developmental markers similar to native human cardiac tissue and maintain a stable cardiac cell phenotype for several months in culture. Data support the use of iCell Cardiomyocytes as a relevant human model system for both acute and chronic studies of cardiac cell function.