What functionality do your GABANeurons have?

What functionality do your GABANeurons have?

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Peer-reviewed publications have shown gene expression, ion channel, GABA receptor, and electrophysiological activity of iCell® GABANeurons. View a summary of our patch clamp work and, beginning at slide 19, collaborative results with Actelion Pharmaceuticals for evaluation of gene expression, ion channel functionality, and GABA receptor functionality. Additional results, generated in collaboration with Axion Biosystems and Apredica (Cyprotex), contain MEA data captured from compound-induced functional changes in neural cultures. Haythornthwaite et al. (2012) assessed the functionality of the cells on both manual and automated patch clamp.


  1. Presentation (SLAS, 2012): Characterizing Human iPS Cell-derived Neuronal Cultures: Expression and Function of Ion Channels and Receptors
  2. Poster Presentation (SfN, 2012): Evaluation of Network Electrophysiology for Neurotoxicity Screening 
  3. Haythornthwaite, et al.,  Characterizing Human Ion Channels in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Neurons