What markers have you used to characterize iCell GABANeurons?

What markers have you used to characterize iCell GABANeurons?

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Our >90% purity metric for iCell® GABANeurons is based on positive expression of βIII-tubulin and negative expression of nestin, but we also have tested MAP2 (ICC data), synapsin (ICC data), NeuN (microarray data) and several other markers to identify synaptic vesicles (synaptophysin, gephyrin, PSD-95, vGAT, and vGLUT). Gene expression and ICC profiles are reminiscent of cortical neurons. Typical lots are 95 – 98% pure.

The table below provides several common neural markers that can be used for characterization of iCell GABANeurons.

Abbreviation Marker Name Localization
TU-20, TUBB3 βIII-tubulin, β3-tubulin microtubule
nestin neuroectodermal stem cell marker neurofilament, progenitor
MAP2 microtubule associated protein 2 microtubule, mature neuron
vGAT vesicular GABA transporter synaptic vesicles
vGluT vesicular glutamate transporter, glutamate synaptic vesicles
SYP synaptophysin, major synaptic vesicle protein p38 synaptic vesicles
SYN1, SYN2 synapsin I, synapsin II synaptic vesicles, mature neuron
GPHN gephyrin synaptic vesicles, neuronal assembly
PSD-95, SAP-90 postsynaptic density protein 95, synapse-associated protein 90 synaptic vesicles
NeuN neuronal nuclei nucleus, cytoplasm, mature neuron
tau microtubule, axons
A-beta A-beta fibers
TH tyrosine hydroxylase dopaminergic neurons
GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein astrocytes

For other characterization profile information, please see Solution 00000091A, below. For more information about immunofluorescent labeling, see Solution 00000061C and our Application Protocol.


  1. Application Protocol: Immunofluorescent Labeling

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