What plating density should I use for hepatocytes?

What plating density should I use for hepatocytes?

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The plating density for iCell® Hepatocytes 2.0 needs to be sufficient to yield a confluent monolayer. We recommend seeding cells at a minimum density of 300,000 viable cells/cm2. Approximately 40 – 50% of the viable cells actually attach and “plate.” Plated cell density at 7 days in culture is specified in the Certificate of Analysis. Each iCell Hepatocytes 2.0 cryovial contains ≥9 million viable cells, which is enough for one 96-well plate.

The values below are recommended starting points and may need to be adjusted for specific assays in other plate formats. Use the Viable Cells/Vial quantity provided in the Certificate of Analysis to calculate your plating volume.

Plate Format Cells/Well Well Volume (ml)
24-well 570,000 0.58
96-well 96,000 0.1
384-well 30,000 0.05


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