Partners & Providers

The Power of Partnership

CDI seeks to advance cures for the most devastating human diseases by providing ready access to biologically relevant human cells through the application of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology. However, the full potential of iPS cell-derived human cells will be achieved only by partnering with experts in disease biology, assay development, patient advocacy, cell banking, and distribution.

Assay Development and Screening

CDI has a dedicated team of scientists and a state-of-the-art applications lab outfitted with cell analysis platforms commonly used in research and drug screening. This team’s primary purpose is to develop applications and protocols that support our customers. In addition, CDI has established relationships with many platform providers and contract research organizations to facilitate access to the latest technology and services. Our customers routinely collaborate with CDI scientists to discuss specific applications, review data, and share insights regarding the use of iPS cell technology.

Platform/assay provider partners:

CRO partners:

Disease Modeling and Distribution

CDI actively partners with funding organizations, disease foundations, and research institutes to create novel, disease-relevant cell models and make them widely accessible to academic and pharmaceutical researchers. Specifically, we offer support to locate sources of donor samples, provide guidance for experimental design, and enable broad access to iPSC-derived differentiated cells directly through CDI or from CDI’s partner biobanks.

Partnering Flowchart

CDI assists institutions in their disease research efforts.


Disease foundations and public-private partners:

Banking and distribution partners:

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